When Winter is approaching in Colorado, it’s time to turn off the 
sprinkling system for the season, which you want to do before we have night temps below freezing. I recommend you follow these guidelines for Colorado winter watering to keep your plantings alive. If you do not, it will void your warranty on the plants.

Facts on Colorado Winter Watering:

 1.  All new plantings need some amount of watering during the winter,
      according to the type of plant, and for at least the first 3 winters.
 2.  All plants are alive and rooting anytime the temperature is above
      32 degrees F – they are not dead, dormant or inactive.
 3.  Winter is defined as the time when your sprinklers are shut off
       during the cooler months of the year.
 4.  The average Winter day-time high for Denver metro is 60 degrees F.  This
       temp, plus very low humidity, sunny and breezy conditions can suck the life
       out of new plantings.
  5.  About 95% of new plantings that die in the winter, die from lack of
       water – NOT COLD. (Every plant sold in CO is rated to withstand  -20 degrees F or


Watering Basics:


  1. Shrubs and trees should be watered when the ground is not frozen and
    dry to the touch, down about 3″.  2.
  2. Evergreen trees and shrubs need the most water, followed by
    deciduous shrubs.  Perennials will do fine with water from melting snowfall,
    and should NOT be overwatered. 
  3. New turf should be watered if there has been
    no snow for a week, and temps are above 40 degrees F. Established turf needs little to no winter water.
  4. You must water approx. 1 to 2 times per month, if there has not been
    snow on the ground for 7-10 days. (Again…check the ground for moisture).
  5. The best way to water is “hose flooding”. This ensures an even
    distribution of water to all the roots. (as opposed to trickle watering).
    To hose flood: remove whatever device is installed at the end of your hose
    and turn the hose on fairly high.  Apply water for 10-30 seconds per
    tree/shrub.  (Shrubs ~ 5 seconds – trees up to 2 min.) Essentially, you want to fill the tree well/basin we left around the tree or shrub, then move on. 
  6. Watering should be done in morning up until noon to ensure water has time to sink into the ground (before freezing night temps return).

P.S.  We do Colorado winter watering service, if you are interested, contact us

        We do not, however, do sprinkler blow outs.